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Beat the Heat!

Posted by Sue Serre on

Getting a good sweat on is part of the joy of a summer game of pick-up beach volleyball. But what comes along with increased perspiration is a heightened need to stay hydrated. Water makes up nearly 85 percent of our brain, about 80 percent of our blood and about 70 percent of lean muscle. Over half of our bodies are composed of this critical compound. Staying hydrated is essential for optimized health.

While water is top of mind when discussing hydrators, proper hydration is about more than just fluid. You need to replace the lost electrolytes including potassium, sodium, chloride and magnesium. Coconut water is rich in natural minerals to replace lost electrolytes. Also growing in popularity are electrolyte powders. These products can be easily transported on camping trips or jaunts to the beach and added to your reusable water bottle for a tasty boost of essential vitamins and minerals that you sweat out during the summer.

Another option is to infuse your own herbal teas for natural, calorie-free iced tea. Just steep your favourite tea overnight and then cool in the fridge for an anti-oxidant packed treat that is low in sugar. Supporting hydration by choosing healthy food options, such as fruits and vegetables is essential for providing not only water, but also the required minerals, electrolytes and energy our body needs to embrace the heat.

A favourite summer holiday (de)hydrator involves kicking back with an alcoholic beverage. Whether you are on an all-inclusive resort or relaxing on the dock at the cottage, the booze knows few boundaries. This is why it is essential to bring along a good multi-vitamin or B-complex supplement. The process in which your body breaks down alcohol to remove it from your system uses up B vitamins including folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Keeping your body well-stocked with these will help you (and your liver) process the alcohol and get you back out under the sun without feeling under the weather. Try new bio-active B vitamins – they are already in their active form and do not require conversion by the liver. For your health and more look for the orange door of The Hollow Willow Heath Store.